WELCOME TO THE COMPANY [employee name here]!

Congratulations on being assigned to this prestigious new project!

Now we haven't been able to assign any budget to train you on the system integration role, however you seem smart enough, I'm sure you'll work it out

So get to it and Good luck!

- Management.


An Engineer and the Great Machine is a Docupunk Puzzle Game. Freshly hired and assigned to the new company project "The Great Machine", design, test and improve the systems that power "The Great Machine" and debug the strange outputs it keeps producing... 

Platform(s): PC, Mac, Linux

Rating:   (10+) ESRB, PG

Release Date: 10/10/24

Unique Visual Style

Docupunk visual design basic on Engineering drafting documents and corporate busy work

Systemic Puzzle Mechanics

A logical and engaging Puzzle System with carefully designed puzzles will guide you toward mastery of this abstract fluid interaction system

Test Your Knowledge

70 puzzles across 8 chapters and an infinite puzzle generator