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COMEDY? IS DEAD?...Along with the rest of the world I guess - Global Game Jam 2024

Made for the Global Game Jam 2024, the theme was "Make Them Laugh".

COMEDY? IS DEAD? is a game in which you, the last human, has been kept alive so the AI that wiped out humanity can learn how to tell a joke.

Built in UE5 and was originally designed to integrate ChatGPT (this ultimately being canned for the cheaper option of generating them ahead of time). Every joke was written by AI, delivered by Unreal's in text-to speech, all toward the purpose of you telling the game how it isn't funny *Bud Dum, Tish*

2024-01-28 15-26-52.mkv

Bullet Key - Global Game Jam 2021

Made for the Global Game Jam 2021, this game was a love letter to PS1 games and the survival horror tropes of limited resources and "Key and Doors". Every bullet is a key and each key is bullet, be careful, unlock too many doors or try and kill everything and you'll have no chance of success!

​As I was hosting the 2021 Jam in Perth, I was unable to get close to finished but it was an experiment in shaders, interesting control schemes and a weird idea that has been in my head for to long.

Built In UE4 

​Actualisation - Extra Credit Game Jam 2018

You, along with your government, have both come to the realisation that you don't want to be making weapons anymore. When security arrived at your lab, you weren't quite ready and you don't really have much more time. Based on the feeling watching smart characters rapidly assemble the solution to their problem, I built this game for the Extra Credit Game Jam 2018 in UE4,  the theme was "fun per second"


On a Lonesome Road 

- Desert Bus for Hope Game Jam 2017

Created in 4 days for the Desert Bus for Hope Game Jam, On a Lonesome Road is a experimental talking simulator based on the game jam's prompt "Sleep Deprivation".

Players take on the role of a depot manager tasked with supporting the depots only route between Tucson, Arizona and Las Vegas. It's long, hard work that requires skill, focus and attention, which players will help the driver manage by talking with them as they drive.

There are points but no winning, you can crash but you can't lose. You can only learn about your driver, learn about yourself and try to stay awake with the Desert Bus.

On a Lonesome Road was mostly a solo endeavour, coded from the ground up in Unreal Engine, dialogue with assistance from Abigail Adel and decorated using the assets accrued from previous projects.

You can find On a Lonesome Road over on Itch at:


Exotic Matters

Exotic Matters was a student project, a love letter to games like Myst or The Vanishing of Ethan Carter, it sees players exploring a trans-dimensional railway to restore its systems to full power and save themselves and the railways creator Adair Schumann.

Built in UE4 as the final project of the SAE Bachelors Degree, The game featured;

Team was: