Comercial Projects

Never Alone - Unreal Short Film Competition

Never Alone is a short film made for the Unreal Engine Short Film Challenge, a small team of five (Ben Matei, Jennie Tkaz, Cameron Dadd, Mile Hanson and myself) worked over only 6 weeks to develop a short film with the help of Epic Games and Screenwest.

Made inside Unreal Engine 4, I operated as World Builder and Technical Support where I developed dynamic materials, performed engine and scene optimization, worked out how to implement systems and behaviours that facilitated the film's creative vision and generally fixed whatever broke over the course of the project.

The film was nominated for and shown at the 2021 LA Shorts International film festival as one of the year featured animation selections. 

The Gentlegear Generic Gamepad Font

Formally the Esquire Generic Gamepad Font, now The Gentlegear Gamepad Font Family updated for all major platforms!

14 Fonts that leverage everything we love about fonts (small size, scalability) and apply that to all our gameplay UI needs. Simply import the TTF files and change the font to the style and platform of your choosing.

All controls are mapped to the same characters meaning changing platform is as easy as switching out the font.

Frame VR

Lateral Contract Work

I worked with Frame VR as a technician and developer on and number projects and also was amajor part of their technological experiments expanding their work into into UE4. My Major project with the company was on software used to train veterinary technicians as being involved in developing networked setups for a Wearhouse scale VR project utilising  headsets, laptop and QR codes and supporting up to 20 users in the same instance.

A lot of this work is under NDA, but I worked on a number of interactive experiences with a number of clients on behalf of Lateral (a software development company here in Perth). The projects made heavy use of 3D tracking hardware/plugins, ART net and Spout protocols were integrated into UE4.